Neale-WadeLocation for help and support courses to help experiment and discover how Moodle can be used


  • In this course you will design a future game console.
  • Exam revision material for  the Graphics OCR examination 2010.
  • Online training materials to help colleagues get to grips with Moodle big grin
  • This course has been set up to add work done for the moodle training course that Mark, Will, David, Josh, Emma, Abi, Donka and Charlie  have been working on. This is to keep a record of the work as proof that we have been working  together instead of writing notes up.
  • Course to allow collection of ideas for BSF
  • Introductory 'How to use Moodle' course. Introductory exercise followed by guidance to the Moodle fundamentals followed by higher impact usage.
  • Course that will help you create and upload your own custom avatar for Moodle. A great way to customise your profile!
  • Course created for the first Cambs Moodle Network conference. Created to show the basic Moodle features and to stimulate discussion about future progress
  • This course outlines Moodle's features by providing examples of activities and resources.